Amity Baptist Church – Jamaica NY 11433

Amity Baptist Church in blue

The Diaconate – The term Deacon (diakonos) in the New Testament means literally a minister, a servant, one who ministers to, or serves others. These men and women assist the Pastor in the daily activities of the church.

The Trustee Ministry holds the legal title to the property of the church with the sanctioning of the corporate head, the Pastor and the congregation. It is responsible for its financial affairs. In this institution, Amity, some duties of the Trustees are combined with those of the Deacons.

Deacons and Trustees are appointed by the Pastor of this church and approved by the people.

The Choirs of Amity are a powerful gift from God, whose ministry is to praise and exalt Him. It is our commitment to win souls to Christ by lifting up His name through song.

Day Time/Christ Time is a program to enrich the lives of Senior Citizens. We meet every Wednesday from 11:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Since the pandemic we have been meeting via zoom. Every member plays an important role in Day Time/Christ Time meetings and we demonstrate love towards one another as we fellowship and have Bible study.

The Human Service Commission (HSC) is a community based ministry that educates/informs, enriches/provides and encourages/uplifts our neighbors, families, and other churches. This is accomplished through projects like the community garden which provides fresh fruits & vegetables to the community, the Angel Tree project which ministers to children with incarcerated parents, healthcare partnerships and workshops that focus on healthy heart, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and COVID awareness. We are affiliated with NorthWell Health, Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, New York Health & Hospitals, and Queens Power.

King’s Table Multimedia Ministry (KTMM) exists to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this ever changing, technology driven world. Under the direction of our Pastor, Rev. Jeffery S. Thompson and with the use of various media outlets, we are able to livestream the church experience and events to the world  so that viewers can participate in real time. Then, by archiving those worship services, we provide a consistent and up-to-date means of spreading the Word of Jesus Christ that is accessible any time. KTMM is on duty during all worship services or other scheduled church events. We also support the other ministries of Amity Baptist Church which require the use of any sound and/or video equipment, we share information via social media and assist with advertising and promoting individual ministry events as needed. It is our goal that God would be glorified in the service we provide to the church and on behalf of the church.

The Men’s Ministry of Amity Baptist Church exists to strengthen men in our community. We are called to address the needs of the total man such as Christ has done for us. As believers in Christ, it is our mission to experience and express God’s love to a community of men in order to develop God-fearing men who will grow to understand their purpose and power as a man.

 The Missionary Ministry focuses on Home and Foreign Mission; they are ready to react when a disaster occurs.

The Senior Ushers and Junior Ushers serve together as one board, embodying the spirit of Psalm 84:10 “For a day in Thy courts is better than a thousand; I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”

The Youth Ministry and Children’s Ministry – The Blossoms of Promise Children’s and Youth Ministry exists to empower children and youth to live a Christ-like life. We work with our children and youth to understand Baptist doctrine and practices, develop Biblical principles and Christian leadership qualities.